Monday, 27 February 2012

Kepler22b The Symbol for Zero Mayas Babylonian Calendar Alien Message Me...

update dec 12, 2011 Hitachi is in the message sent to SETI and one of the patents for something "spacey" formula is from a man with the same last name.. i just figured that one out at 212 pm est. ;)
Part 2 of the Mayas Alien UFO Symbols Math Equation Message

In this video I show you how I decipher the first set of basic numerals, symbols from babylonian research, mayas , square root is zero, mathematical equations, in my quest to find out how to build a faster space ship i receive numbers that bring up patents for various components that can be used in space travel?

i'm not a rocket scientist but based on the terminology i'm sure it can be used for such a thing.
i show you my google searching techniques, to find out about thermal stress, cracks in vessels and encapsulated electronic devices which i believe might be used in the mayas ufo that looks like it has tentacles attacted to it and has been seen by hundreds of people mostly in europe and other parts of the world.

United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs
dec 12, 2011 UNOOSA UN- Spider can use this info..

my video ends abruptly my battery on my camera died on me.. recharging while making videos.. it's almost ready to roll to the next chapter of this interesting event for moi.

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