Monday, 27 February 2012

Mayas Alien Symbols Math Equation Meditation Message 5.8783279E6 4278784...

update on dec 7 2011 i got a response see next 15 videos to see what it's all about and there's data on there for scientists to look at from NASA and OONUSA

Part One of several videos to be uploaded.

I sent an email dec 9, 2011 asking the ROM in toronto about their mayan civilization exhibit that runs from nov 2011 till april 2011, I wanted to talk to a priest there that knows the details about his civilization and what some of these symbols might mean and how to decipher them.

It all started while I did my daily meditation in the early hours of the morning. I'll usually put on the ascension, solfreggio tones 528hz, sounds of various planets all at the same time. Then i hold 4 clear quartz crystals in my hands and meditate listening to whatever comes to mind. Earlier in the day I was on the oxygen machine and i had my crystals again but this time with just the Reiki Healing Solfreggio Tones CD playing... I envisioned myself flying through space (astro projection) and past the sun and over to a planet out in another galaxy.

this week after the symbols and mathematical equations that i drew using my one note program, i began to research each set of numbers and symbols to see if they have any kind of meaning.. what i found shocked the hell out of me.

it's a message from the aliens ufo's and maya's civilization?

my meditation question was - How can we travel through space faster to visit your worlds?

based on the facts from NASA disclosing the whereabouts and facts on a new planet called Kepler 22b.. I find it hilarious you know because it was FIRST discovered by Johannes Kepler back in the 17th century and here we are in the 21st century exploring it with a satellite probe.. isn't that funnY?

anyways i get this message with numbers, symbols and words.. i haven't the foggiest idea that it means anything.. until i start to decipher it and it turns out it belongs to the ancient civilization that lived here on earth over 3000 years ago... i believe it's part of their community that left earth and went to live on another planet.. OR.. it's them as alien life forms (the ones that visited that community and are relating to us in the same native tongue, babylonian symbols.. in the following videos i'll show you the diagrams i've drawn (my sketches are very basic) what meanings i found on my quest and ideas on how to build a faster space ship based on their info.. you won't believe it until you see it.. i still have no idea what this means but i'm going to video blog it for you... i use other people's content in this video their info doesn't belong to me.. i used it for the express purpose of trying to figure out what this meditation messages means...
radix, root egypt transcripts tablets ancient babylonian languages messages writing the idea girl encapsulated electroinic devices cracks space ship patents build

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