Thursday, 14 June 2012

4 SETI ADASS Astronomical Data Analysis Contact UFO Mayas Kepler with Mu...

in the past two videos I've given you an explanation and ideas on how to contact the aliens living out in the universe. i explain my ideas on how SETI will get contacted from the alien life forms that live out in the Kepler Solar System. How to narrow down their signals so that the ancient mayas from 3000 years ago who used to live on earth and flew out to the other planets, how to contact them in THEIR language so that THEY will understand what you want.

I deciphered another set of numbers from 5.8783279E6 and converted it to piano key notes that are numbered from piano made easy website and played the notes GCBCEDBDEA 

i hope SETI can do something like this to contact the Mayas out in the Kepler Planetary Region. I've got loads more data for you guys to figure out for me.

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