Monday, 18 June 2012

63-1185 hz Throat Singing DNA Ancient Solfeggio Tones Scale Meditations

Part 25 of the video series where i've received a message of symbols and equations and i decipher them in each video. the message comes from the mayas and here is where i find out what the star means - it's the pentacle of king solomon and each point has a value and a planet in correspondence to it.

this is where the mayas make themselves known by the formulas from an mathematical equation given by meditation how i decipher each set of numbers and come to the conclusion number 5.8783279E6 which is the square root of 0 in babylonian mayas time 3000 years ago.

taking the equations and words given and found i look for "ufo with tentacles" or "ufo with spikes" on google and find out there's hundreds of people who have seen the same kind of ship around the world. the coolest video is the one i just found today dec 12, 2011 about a CME hitting a ufo that is cloaked and the guy talks about it being oblong with a circle in the middle of it.. the exact same UFO that I describe in my dream and the exact same design seen all over the world - it has made human contact but SETI and OONUSA still haven't proven that it exists.. this is to help us learn that they do exist because that's what i've set out to do...

updated jan 5 2012 from dec 2011 files

SSSB = Small solar System Bodies

tiny particles found in dark matter in the universe and how they travel from outerspace and land on earth, the evolution of alien DNA coming alive here on our planet - evidence of.

theory was from Vidya Jothi Nalin Chandra
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