Thursday, 14 June 2012

UFO Tentacles Meditation Mayas Aliens Kepler22b Pentacles King of Solomo...

Part Three (see Parts One and Two where i start with the visions, symbols and mathematical equations that give me a message from the Mayas Aliens that it's THEM sending me messages telepathically while I meditate and draw and write what comes to mind...)

I believe it was astro vision or travel because i saw the edge of the universe just pass the sun back in nov 2011 and NASA reports a planet Kepler 22b which looks like the one in my dream only mine has more colors of aqua green, pinks and yellows swirling around on it.

I see people living under water in dome like cities on a planet.. then i get the symbols and equations and decipher them and find out they all start with the symbol of zero 5.8783279E6 and some patents from scientists that have developed things but have no idea what to do with it.. Patent # 4278784 build tandanori segaura, hiroshi suzuki, masahiro kitamura, mayans, babylong ancient maps diagrams match my drawings, shunichi numata, kunihiko nishi USPTO, NASA and

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