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Contact WOW SIGNAL SETI received from Aliens Mayas UFOS Kepler Planets Aug 15 1977
pt 42
.My Thoughts on the WOW Signal

Start 19 h 15 m 48 s
Stop 19 h 19 m  35s
Jan 6 2012 926 pm est

My Thoughts:

The diagram above with the different colors of lines was based on a message I received during a meditation on  December 29, 2011 around 1203 am est.  It simply said, "Connect all the 1's than the 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's(not many) 6's and look at the pattern.

It doesn't mean anything to me when I originally started doing it.. Then I do some more research and it seems to map out something...
• This is in the recording for 42 a,b*

Jan 6 2012 8 49 pm est

My thoughts:

I was jumping for joy when I noticed this little marking on Google SKY which wasn't there when I found the Maya's Planetary Location on December 27, 2011.  I went back into Google Sky on December 30, 2011 and noticed this was marked there?

Cool or WHAT!

So what we need it Ivan Warren from Institute of Radio Astronomy Of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and SETI Institute in the USA to compare those radio signals they've been getting back from the Kepler Planetary Location and any radio transmissions in the area's that I've pin pointed in the Pegasus Star Chart System Between M15 and Homam.  I want you to draw a triangle in your simulations with the top point being HD 209458 and draw a king of solomon pentacle star in the coordinates from the planets

p 40
Jan 6 2012 839 pm est

My thoughts:

My rough calculations are based from the line numbers shown in # 36 to 40 part videos. This is where I think the Maya's Planetary Location is close to. Looking at the Pegasus Star co-ordinates in between the star Homam and M15 the planet is located southwest of the HD 209458 from Google sky and near where a Radio Quasar (Alien?) Transmission signal GR2148+11 was found by someone in the Ukraine in Europe.

The WOW Signal found by SETI 30 years ago by Dr. Jerry R. Ehman on August 15, 1977 is just west of this area in the Sagittarius Star Region. (That's not too far away - say a UFO was travelling when the signal was sent out? Just a theory here)

See video # 41 about the Radio Quasar Transmission Signal GR2148+11 picked up from Ivan Warren from the UKRAINE - I found his co-ordinates close to mine on Google Sky this week during my research. (I was so excited to see that but not sure if he has figured out if it's Alien or made by Earth's satellites)

Institute of Radio Astronomy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

pt 39 update
according to my calculations they are saying that the Mayas planetary location is

-1 319  212  112  100 miles from earth towards the sun and beyond in the direction of the stars found in between venus and saturn area.
Light year - miles figured out = number of light years that the mayas planet is from us? Not sure if i did the math correctly

5 865 696 000 000 - 1 319 212 112 100 = 4.54648389 × 1012
Jan 6 2012 819 pm est

My Thoughts:

I looked through the interstellar neighbourhood star charts trying to find the SHAPE of the star system that I found on that North South Celestial Pole Star Chart with Latitude and Longitude co-ordinates on it. I found this star sign here pictured on the left in the "Pegasus" region. Near M15 in between Homam and M15 is the area that i'll be concentrating on. In a later video I'll show you what I've found on Google Sky that will freak you all out - A Quasar Radio Telescope Transmission, not only in the "Maya's Planetary Location" but also near where the WOW Alien Signal was detected in the 70s over 30 years ago...

See Part 41 video called

pt 38

My Thoughts:

I want to know if The Pentacle of Solomon Star is rotated to the left to fit co ordinates found on the north south celestial pole star charts to the left.

Will they can match with the celestial spheres

I found during a google search?

calculate the mean distance from earth to sun, jupiter, saturn implement the king of solomon pentacle sketch from Alien Maya Meditation , rotate it 90 degrees and put in solar star chart to see what you come up with.

theory: from pt 37.
compare this with star signs that i drew with the flipped version of the pentacles of king solomon diagrams

Jan 10 2012
My Thoughts

I found this after deciphering the shorter version of the WOW signal.  I've only deciphered the numbers in that original sets of data.

This is a copy of the actual transmission which I will probably review again at another time if I need too.

I didn't know that the original found on Wikipedia is just a section of code where he wrote the word "wow" because he found an ALIEN signal in this data.

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